The proposed Covenant Changes:

The current covenants for Red Rock Ranch were written in 1997 and revised in 2002. This was prior to any thought for the primary use of a home to be used as a business.  It is ok to work in a home office... it is not ok to turn the house into an office building.

The proposed changes will define a single family.

The proposed changes in covenants apply to the residents... not to guests when residents are present.  You can have a significant other, you are the resident and you have a guest.  You are operating as a single family household.   This also gives the board a basic framework in the future should neighbors have a dispute they want the HOA to consider.  

You can’t have a rotating set of transient people. You can’t have a boarding house or use the residence as a nuisance business. 

The ballots will be mailed out the second week in December and are asked to be returned within 2 weeks.  Board members may continue to collect ballots for another 3 weeks for ballots that have not been returned. 

The ballots were hand stuffed by board members to save money.  Should you be missing any item or not receive a ballot please download the packet from here and return it or provide it to a board member.

Please note that the wording of the revision requires a significant amount of legal text.  The important parts of the ballot are paragraphs 1 and 2.