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December 13, 2021 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Assoc. Board Monthly Meeting

Zoom meeting called to order by Beth Lonnquist at 7:02 pm.

Board members present: Beth Lonnquist, Julie Pheteplace, Doreen McLaughlin, Skip Chang,

Kevin Guy, Paul Tillotson, Bill Griffith, Shannon Kittelson and Mark Fears.

Guests present: Julie Yack, David Yack, Craig Pryor, Megan Acree, Matt and Laura Quinlan.

President Lonnquist asked if any of the guests had any concerns or comments at this time.  None of the guests had any comments/concerns.

Architectural Control: Meghan Acree and Jason Zengerle at 3555 Range View Rd request approval for a tough shed garage. Director Chang made a motion to approve and Director Griffith second. The board approved this request with a vote of 8-1.

Theresa and Craig Williams requested approval for replacing their current deck. Director Griffith made a motion to approve and Director Fears second.  The board approved the request unanimously. 

November Minutes: Director Chang motioned to approve and Director Tillotson second. The board approved the November meeting minutes unanimously.

Treasurers Report: Director Griffith reviewed the December Treasurer’s Report.  November deposits were $1226.05, November expenses were $2,541.00 with an ending balance of $17,255.53. Director Kittleson made a motion to approve and Director Fears second.  The board unanimously approved the report.

Old Business: None

Web Site: Director Tillotson reported the education tab on the HOA website has been created. President Lonnquist will present several articles to the board for approval at the next meeting. Director Guy said they are looking at a software upgrade for the website.

Firewise: Director Pheteplace suggested the board members review a presentation by the West Side Watch on emergency evacuation, which was emailed by Dave Betzler.

Park Repairs:  Director Fears reported that the tentative date for painting the tennis court is December 17, weather permitting.  Director Pheteplace and President Lonnquist put up the holiday decorations at the park.

Insurance: President Lonnquist reported that General Liability Insurance has been secured. She will be looking into Workers comp insurance and D&O insurance in January and February respectively.

Forest View Acres Water District: Next meeting is December 15 at 6 pm.

Red Rock Ranch Acres: Platting approval of the development will be the next phase.

New Business: Need articles for the annual newsletter-Director Griffith (treasurer) will provide a report on the annual audit and budget for 2022, Director Kittleson will provide an article on Architectural Control, Director Pheteplace will provide an article on FireWise, Director Chang will provide an article on County Road maintenance, Director Fears will provide a synopsis of Park Project.

There was discussion regarding a neighbor complaint.  President Lonnquist will send a letter to complainant.

Current Lawsuit Status: Director Guy reported that the current lawsuit has been amicably settled.  Settlement review will be available to homeowners upon request when the HOA board has a process to collect signatures for the non-disclosure agreement.  The Board will approve the process at January’s Board meeting. Sign in the park has been taken down and re-purposed.

Director Guy suggested disbanding the CDLC.  Director Tillotson made the motion to disband the CDLC and Director Pheteplace second.  The board voted unanimously to disband the CDLC.

A special meeting has been set for January 24, 2022 to elect 3 board positions.  Election notifications and proxies were sent to all HOA members on December 10, 2021.

Guest Comments: Guest Craig Pryor inquired about the upcoming election in January.  He also asked how he could review the settlement.  Director Guy replied he should submit a request and as soon as the process has been established, he would be able to review the settlement agreement.

Around the room: Director Pheteplace suggested posting on the HOA website that the meeting minutes for the Water Board are posted at the gazebo in the park and at the bus stop.

Director Fears motioned to adjourn the meeting and Director Tillotson second.  The board was unanimous in adjourning the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.