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The goal and purpose of these additional Meeting Rules and Standards of Conduct is to foster an environment of mutual respect and cooperation as both Board members and Guests of the RRHOA participate in RRRHOA meetings.


Guests Speaking at Board meetings:

  1. The Meeting Agenda needs to be the priority of meeting.
  2. The President will assign a time allotment for the Guest to speak.
    1. The Guest should plan to stop talking at the end of their time allotment.
    2. If needed, the Guest may request additional time from the President, and the President may grant or deny more time.
    3. Unused time from one Guest cannot be given to another Guest.
  3. Guests may speak at the meeting:
    1. For up to 3 minutes during the open forum/new business portion of the meeting.
    2. For up to 1 minute after the Board has completed their discussion of an agenda item and before the Board votes on the agenda item.
    3. For up to 15 minutes after requesting to be placed on the meeting agenda no less than three days prior to the Board meeting. Any materials they want to present will be provided at least three days prior to the meeting.
  4. Guests must provide the following:
    1. The Guest must be physically present at the meeting or for a Zoom/WebEx type meeting provide a video camera, so the Board can count them present and see them;
    2. Memes and/or filters may not be used by the Guest.
    3. Guest must identify themselves, their address, and identify themselves as being members of the RRRHOA (if applicable).
    4. If a Guest has material to submit and discuss with the Board, those documents must be submitted at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting date in pdf form so the Board can review and be prepared to discuss the subject and ask questions to the Guest.
    5. The Board may choose to show some, none, or all of the Guest’s material at the meeting.
  5. All audio, video, and media presentations during the meeting will be controlled by the Board and Officers.


Board Members speaking at meetings:

  1. A Board member may request a time allotment from the President to speak on a topic or ask questions to a Guest.
  2. The President may set the time limit for the Board to discuss or debate any topic during a meeting. The President can also extend the time on any topic at the current meeting or into the next meeting if needed.
  3. The time required to respond to Board questions is not counted against the Guest’s allotted time.


Board members and Guest Conduct at Meeting:

  1. If the President provides a time allotment to a Board member or Guest to speak, the expectation is the Board member or Guest will not be interrupted during that time slot except by the President for special circumstances.
  2. Any Board member or Guest who is disrespectful, disruptive, or interruptive during a meeting will get a maximum of 2 warnings from the President prior to being evicted.
  3. Any Board member or Guest that threatens (including legal threats) the Board, Board member(s), or a Guest can be evicted by the President with no prior warnings.
  4. Any Board member or Guest who is evicted during a meeting must petition and receive consent from the President to be able to attend future Board meetings within a year of their eviction.

To download a copy of the Rules and Standards of Conduct, CLICK HERE