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Register for notificationsNotifications by e-mail are now sent only to those who are registered through this web site. The HOA no longer maintains a separate e-mail database. It is the recipient's responsibility to keep a valid e-mail address registered through the site as we receive no notification of invalid e-mail addresses. You can log in and change your user name, password or e-mail address at any time.

Registration simply entails entering a name, a user name, and a password (twice). The login data is e-mailed to you and you must verify by clicking on the link in the e-mail before the registration process is complete. You can log in to change your password or e-mail address at any time (see the "Information" menu). Access the "User details" menu item to change your information. 

If you feel it's been a long time (several months) since receiving news from us by e-mail, it could be we don't have your current e-mail address.

Registration is not limited to Ranch property owners; the website administrator will, however, typically use some discretion as to the propriety of registrants as they will be receiving information pertinent to property owners. You may be questioned by e-mail as to your interest in receiving this information.

Lost a password or can't remember your user name? The web site will give you an opportunity to reset your account if you are able to provide the account's associated e-mail address. 

Thanks for your cooperation in making the notification system effective.   --admin