Picnic is this Saturday 8/27 at the Nevins Park at 12 noon.  Please bring a chair and side dish.  The HOA will provide drinks and grilling meats.  

We have several important issues to discuss including a rewording of the covenants to address strengthening the language regard what constitutes a single family residence and what is an acceptable home business.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Note: The september meeting will be held as usual since we have ongoing urgent business to conduct.

I live at almost the very bottom of the district and noticed last night a reduction in pressure.  As of 7am today (Fri) we have just a trickle of flow left which I assume means those of you higher up are dry.   The FVAWD website has no notice posted but in a recent call they indicated that a water break was reported last night and a tech "probably" has arrived by 7am.  There was no more information.

The current donor lists are now online.  You can find the current information in the "Donor Lists" item under the "Information" Menu above.  Please send corrections if a mistake or omission has been made.

The annual cleanup will be held this coming weekend Sat, Sun Mon 6/4, 6/5 and 6/6.  The hours will be from 8am to 4pm (The newsletter incorrectly indicates 5pm).  Please follow normal rules for acceptable items and do not dump if the area is closed.  See newsletter for details.

If you attend the clean-up we may informally ask your opinion as to if you would support certain actions regarding the covenants and dues.  Please feel free to answer or not as you wish and we would also be happy to see you to discuss this topic even if you do not have trash to drop off.

Please check back here for information regarding early shut downs due to full conditions and/or weather events.  If we have to get additional dumpsters on Monday we may have to open late until we can have them delivered.


Thanks for your cooperation and help in making this a successful event.