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RRR - Fencing Policy

Architectural Control Guidelines
Red Rock Ranch Fencing:
Red Rock Ranch proposes an open view of the area. A rural appearance is
desirable. Most fencing will not keep deer, mountain lions, bear, skunks or fox out
of your lot. This is a Wildlife/Urban interface area and wildlife should be expected
to share our properties.
1. All fencing requires an Architectural Control Approval.
2. Architectural Control Fee will be $25 for any length of fence or replacement of a
3. Any deviations desired will be considered on a case by case basis.
4. All fencing should not cross over the county easement along the street.
5. Perimeter fencing is not allowed.
6. Fence position on a plot map is required, along with sample (photograph) and
description of the area to be fenced.
Split Rail is preferred. This is rough hewn wood in 2 or 3 rail models. Posts are to
be placed 24”-30 in the ground and rails are 10-12” apart. Wire fencing can be
added on the inside to prevent pets from escaping property.
Corral fencing is 1”x4” or 1x6” rails on a cemented 4” x 4” post. These fences are
2 to 5 rails across with 1 to 2 ratio of spacing between rails (width of board to width
of open space, if a 1” x 4” rail is used, there should be 8” between rails. If a 1” x
6” rail is used there should be 12” between rails.)
Post fencing: Ponderosa and lodgepole pine posts 2 or 3 hole post fence: Treated
wood posts that are assembled similar to a split rail fence. wire inside fencing can
be used.
Privacy Fencing: Any solid fencing with a maximum of 6’ tall. This is to be limited
to enclose an area less than 2500 square feet.
Metal fencing: Metal fencing should follow in a similar design of the Split rail/
corral fencing in so that this is an open space fence and maintains a minimum 1 to
2 ratio of board to open space. T posts are not allowed.
Wood or Metal Gates: Metal or wood gates should follow in a similar design of
the fence and maintain a minimum 1 to 2 ratio of board to open space.
All existing fences that do not meet these standards will be grandfathered in, but
will be required to meet these standards when replacing or repairing the fence.
Any existing fence shall be grandfathered in until it is replaced. Replacements shall
comply with the guidelines.

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