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The Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association operates on donations made by property owners on the Ranch. An appeal is made annually by means of a newsletter or correspondence sent to residents along with a self-addressed stamped envelope addressed to the HOA. 

The suggested annual donation for each household is $75. The funds are used to pay insurance premiums, for upkeep of the community park, operation of the website/information resources, renting dumpsters for annual clean-up events, etc. The Board of Directors and the webmaster are unpaid volunteers who serve the HOA out of an appreciation for the Ranch.

Your volunteer efforts are appreciated too! Please help defray the costs of the Association by donating each year. Donors are listed each year in one or more newsletters.

A donation can also be made at any time by downloading the form below and mailing it to the HOA at the address indicated:


>> RRRHOA Donation Form <<<