Spring is here followed by summer.  I love seeing all the new deer, ducks and geese returning, humming birds in the air... yep, gotta love Spring.   Then there is spring cleaning.... June 7 & 8 the dumpsters will help you with that.  Pay your dues of $75 to dump some of the “old treasures” you may have around your home.

Sign up for FireWise to help clean up and reduce the fuels in your property.

This is a Wildlife Urban Interface and with that comes a responsibility to reduce fuels for fire season... really all year round, but especially in May - August.  We have a wonderful FireWise Committee that had volunteers deliver a packet to each ouse in the HOA.  Great Information.   FireWise Committee is offering to help with chipping... this will save you big dollars and help to protect the neighborhood.  We have certified, trained volunteers (many hours) for home risk assessments to give you an idea as to where to start.  Please contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Dues must be paid.

Please, do not feed the deer as we have quite a few already... once there are too many, deer become sick and diseased.   Bird seed and other human food is the wrong food for wild animals.  Bring in your humming bird feeders at night... bears will help themselves at night to the sweet treat.  

Drive carefully on the ranch.  There are kids, dogs, wildlife we are sharing this beautiful landscape with and we need to drive slowly in order to take it all in and not hit anyone... furry or otherwise.

This is truly a great place to live and I am honored to be on your RRRHOA board.

Stay safe, Beth Lonnquist