Red Rock Ranch Water: Forest View Acres will shut off water Dec 11 and has a boil advisory for Dec 11-13, or when the all clear notice comes out. They are creating more water access for new homes on the Ranch.

Here is their notice:
NOTICE: Temporary Water Shutoff December 11 at 9AM for all properties within the District to the EAST OF SPRUCE ROAD. To get more details please click the Water Shut-Off Notice. To see a map of the affected area please click the Water Shut-Off Map. Affected properties are in blue. Please also see the Drinking Water Advisory.

The areas in blue are Spruce Rd (both sides), Stone View and Forest View Rd north of Sandstone Dr. and the entire lower ranch (El Rancho, Sierra Vista, Mesa Verde, Range View and Vista View)

Please remember:

Your ice maker (Bag up ice Dec. 10... shut off your ice maker or throw out ice thru the 13th. or when the all clear notice comes out.)

Brushing your teeth with saved Dec. 10th water or boiled water.

You can go to Forest View Acres Water district website for more information: