Happy New Year, 2020!


Time flies so fast and we are starting a new year.

The Board has great vision for repairs and future developments in the HOA, FireWise will continue, and hopefully everyone will enjoy living in this neighborhood!


New Year to do list:

1. Don’t forget to pay your dues with the new year.  $75, and mail that to PO Box 1463, Monument, CO 80132.

2. Contact FireWise for a site evaluation.  We have a certified wildfire mitigation specialist who is willing to come and give you specific things to do to help you harden your home. This is great because there is a short list of tasks you can tackle on your schedule.  If everyone pitches in we may be able to save the neighborhood.   

3. Don’t forget to notify your insurance company and tell them we are a FireWise community, it may lead to a discount.

4. Come to the member meeting on Monday, April 13, 2020.  Place to be determined. I will notify you in the newsletter.

5. Please drive carefully... roads get icy in the winter.  We have kids, pets and lots of wildlife in the area to watch out for, there are posted 30 and 25 mph speed zones in the Ranch.


This is a great neighborhood we are honored to be your Red Rock Ranch HOA Board. 

Have a great holiday season and a prosperous new year.


Beth Lonnquist