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Dear RRRHOA Owner(s):

As you may recall, in 2017 the Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors proposed the 2017 Amendment to the Restrictive Covenants of Red Rock Ranch Subdivision (Including Red Rock Ranch, Forest View Acres, and Clovenhoof), El Paso County, Colorado (the “2017 Amendment”). The 2017 Amendment proposed that the Red Rock Ranch Subdivision (including Red Rock Ranch, Forest View Acres, and Clovenhoof Estates) Restrictive Covenants Dated April 16, 2002 (the “Covenants”) be amended to include, among other things, a single family requirement, an extension of the covenants through January 1, 2030, and a limitation on leases. The 2017 Amendment and Covenant extension was voted on and approved by the membership and recorded on March 8, 2017 at Reception No. 217027330 in the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Subsequently, the Association has been advised that the single family requirement in the 2017 Amendment is in conflict with current federal law. Therefore, in an effort to clarify the 2017 Amendment, the Board of Directors hereby submits for a vote of all Owners to remove the single family requirement language from the 2017 Amendment (the “Proposed Amendment”). In addition, the Board of Directors is requesting an affirmation by the members of the extensions of the Covenants to January 1, 2030.

To encourage Owner participation, the Board has decided to conduct the vote on this matter by mail pursuant to C.R.S. §7-127-109 and has enclosed a Ballot for you to cast your vote.

In order for the Association to meet quorum for purposes of the vote on the Proposed Amendment, Ballots must be returned by Owners entitled to cast a minimum of twenty percent (20%) of the total votes in the Association. Additionally, for the Proposed Amendment to be adopted and become effective, it must be approved by Owners holding at least a majority (greater than 50%) of the total votes in the Association.

Please cast your vote on the enclosed Ballot. Please return your Ballot at your earliest convenience to the Association by mail: RRRHOA, PO Box 1463, Monument, CO 80132 OR BY email by sending to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., no later than 5:00 p.m., May 1, 2021.                                        

                                                  Click Here For Downloadable Ballot

Once cast, a Ballot may not be revoked. The prompt return of the enclosed Ballot will aid the Association in reducing the expense of additional solicitations. Should you have any further questions regarding this matter please contact any one of your current Board members.

Very truly yours,
Board of Directors Red Rock Ranch, Forest View Acres, and Clovenhoof Homeowners Association