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November 14, 2022 Red Rock Ranch Home Owners Association Monthly Meeting

Board members: Kevin Guy, Beth Lonnquist, Bill Griffith, Doreen McLaughlin, Julie Pheteplace, Paul Tillotson, Shannon Majestic, Mark Fears
Guests: Heidi Juell, Matt and Laura Quinlan, Julie Yack, Craig Pryor

Resident concerns: Heidi Juell had questions about fire burns and the permitting process for burn permits. She asked why it was allowed. The permit process was discussed and it was noted a burn ban would be difficult to implement given existing regulations that allow for burns. It was also noted that burns do have beneficial effects. It was suggested that Firewise could be used to alert owners to planned burns. There is a requirement in place to notify immediate neighbors. Emergency Management contacts were given and are Stan Vanderworth and Jim Reed. A question was raised if the local fire department could be requested to check if the burn was finished and extinguished. Elizabeth noted that there was action in the Colorado State house about planned burns, covered in HB 1132

Laura and Matt Quinlan had a question regarding the October meeting.

Treasurer’s report: Bill reported that there was minimal financial business in October for the HOA. There was one ACC request, $425.00 in contributions, and there was an expenditure to cover the lunch for Firewise volunteers. Other expenses included payment for the P.O. Box, $176.00, insurance payment of $1,673.00 (insurance has cost $3,520.00 ytd.) There was a balance of $22,473.51 at the end of October. Julie motioned for approval and Paul had the second. Board approved.

Architectural Control: No new requests or approvals. It was noted that there was foundation work ongoing at the intersection of Stoneview and Red Rock drive.

Website: Kevin and Paul said the website is running as expected with no issues. There is now an egress map on the website with a QR code. The egress map has caused some concern in the both the Palmer Lake and Monument Police departments.

Firewise: Julie said there was no new business at this time.

Minutes: Doreen motioned for approval and Bill had the second. Board approved.

Park cleanup/maintenance: It is noted that the halyard on the flag pole needs to repaired/replaced. This might be a task for a local scout troop.

Forest View Acres Water District: A payment from the Water District is pending but not received at the time of this meeting. There is a new plan for development of 38 lots. The developer has paid an initial fee to start the application process. There are ongoing discussions with Palmer Lake about being connected to Palmer Lake’s sewage system.

An additional note:  Matt Quinlan is now on the Water District Board. Congratulations Matt.

Settlement Procedures Announcement: There were 114 responses to the vote on the proposed covenant changes. There were 45 in favor of Option 1, 27 in favor of Option 2 (chicken exception), and 42 votes for no change. Since neither Option 1 or 2 had enough votes in favor to pass, there is no change to the covenants at this time. Keven asked that the board get further legal advice whether the HOA is CCIOA compliant/ regulated (Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act) before proceeding further with any proposed covenant changes. Elizabeth discussed HB 1137 and how that might affect the HOA. The house bill deals with covenant enforcement. The use of Altitude Law in dealing with homeowners that need to be notified of various matters was discussed.

Zoom service: Though it is planned to have the HOA use it’s own Zoom account, November’s meeting is using Kevin’s company account to facilitate this meeting.

New Business: Doreen has bought a property outside the Ranch and will shortly be resigning from the board. Elizabeth is sending a letter to AirBnB regarding the prohibition of short term rentals in Red Rock Ranch.

Meeting adjourned: 7:51pm