January 9, 2023 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthy Meeting.


Board Members: Paul Tillotson, Beth Lonnquist, Julie Pheteplace, Shannon Kittlelson, Skip Chang, Bill Griffith, Laura Quinlan

Guests: Craig Pryor, Matt Quinlan

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

December Minutes:  Skip motioned for approval with Bill having the second.  All approved.

In regards to Craig Pryor’s request to amend the October minutes; it was decided to rewrite the Oct. minutes with the revision to be evaluated at the February meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

The HOA received $1.925.00 from the city of Monument for the Niven’s Park easement for Monument’s water line.

Bill also reported that $585.00 was spent to cover the final legal expenses along with $100.00 donated to Tri-Lakes Cares.

$654.39 was designated to be carried forward for FireWise for 2023 activities.

$0.19 was accrued in interest in December.


For the full year of 2022, Bill reported that there had been $11,735.00 received as contributions, and $1,302.80 received  in ACC fees.  The final HOA balance for 2022 is $21,864.88.  Mark motioned for approval and Paul seconded.  Board approved.


Budget Issues:

2022 Budget:  Bill gave a recap of the 2022 HOA income and expenses.  There are now 208 homeowners in the HOA.  There was 55.7% participation in homeowner contributions to the HOA.  Even so, the HOA received approximately $5,400.00 more than the projected income from dues based on member contributions above the suggested $75 level.  Expenses were very close to projections with the newsletter costing less than expected but FireWise expenses were somewhat higher than initially budgeted.  Insurance costs were a little lower than projected. Park expenses were higher than first budgeted but the special donation from David Jones helped cover that. The HOA also incurred a new expense ($100) for a ZOOM license to host future Board meetings.


There is increased awareness of fire danger in the HOA and more interest in FireWise participation.  There will be an ongoing need to support FireWise, hopefully including the use of the Fire Dept. chipper.  At this time, the HOA has $654.00 reserved for FireWise for 2023.


2023 Budget: For next year’s budget, Bill said he expects $6,500 in homeowner contributions (based on the 2022 participation rate), with another $1,000 in ACC fees.  Interest may add up to $5.00.


Expenses for 2023 should be similar to 2022, including the new Zoom fee and $600.00 for Nivens Park (which includes a $150 expenditure for a new flag.


Skip inquired about 2023 Clean Up Day and whether the HOA wants to do this year similar to 2022 by renting two dumpsters.  It was decided to take up the details of Clean Up Day at later meeting.


Skip motioned for approval of the proposed budget and Paul had the second.  Board approved.



 No reported problems.  Paul said the website is performing well with an update scheduled in about a month.



At this time there is no new activity to report.  New recruits to help with chipping days, etc. are needed.  There is a FireWise conference scheduled on April 10 and 11th in Ft. Collins.


Nivens Park:

Nothing new to report regarding park activity. The crew working on the Monument water line has replaced some of the split rail decorative fencing.  There may be more to be done as the water line work progresses.


Beth reported that she had asked to Forest Service to post “No Camping” signs around the Mt. Herman trails.  The Forest Service said that they would not post any signs.


April Meeting:

The April HOA meeting will held in the Chamber of Commerce conference room.  There will be three board seats up for reelection.  There needs to be at least 20% member participation for the election to be valid.


Around the room:

Laura asked about the “star” next to the February meeting on the calendar. It’s a reminder that Beth will be gone and Skip will chair the meeting.

Shannon reported on an ACC request for a roof repair (it will be a metal roof).  At the time of the meeting the homeowner had not been contacted.  No vote was taken at this time.  If voted on by e-mail there needs to be a 100% vote from the Board.

There was a discussion of owner concerns about loose dogs. 

Mark motioned for adjournment with Julie having the second. Board approved.

Meeting ended at 7:59pm.