Forwarded to the RRRHOA from concerned homeowners. Please also visit the following link for information of living in areas where bears are present:


From: Circle B Farm and Ranch Supply, L.L.C.

Date: Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 1:04 PM

Subject: Bear Attacks on Livestock in Palmer Lake

Hello Amy and Greg,

We are sending this email to make sure that you all are aware of the bear attacks that have occurred in Palmer Lake in the last week. A bear has attacked two of our miniature donkeys, killed them and feasted on them. We are working with the Division of Wildlife and Palmer Lake Police to catch the bear. They have set traps, and people are staked out at night to try and capture the bear. Because the bear has killed at least twice, it will have to be destroyed. A few weeks ago, another attack occurred across Monument Creek from us and killed a neighbor's goat. It has not been confirmed that it was the same bear, but in all three instances, it has been confirmed that it was a bear who attacked and killed.

In both bear attacks, the bear climbed over tall metal panels into paddocks to capture the donkey. It has then climbed back over the fence with its prey, drug it a good distance and feasted on it. It then left the remains and climbed over another fence. We have found numerous bear prints and hair at both scenes of the attacks. It has bowed a metal panel and split an entire vinyl fence in half. We have now enclosed all of the donkeys in various locked barns at night and only let them out when we are around.

We are writing this email for several reasons: 1) To make sure you all are aware of what is going on in the area 2) To make sure you protect your pets, livestock and yourselves and 3) To keep an eye out so that we can find this bear that is doing the damage.

Although this is a very rare occurrence and we have never had any problems in the past, we must all take responsibility and reduce the number of attacks by following DOW guidelines and safety precautions. Please visit more information on how to live with bears and other wildlife. Please call the DOW immediately if you have any problems with attacks on your livestock or pets.

We thank you all for your support through this difficult time and hope that you are able to keep your livestock and pets safe!


Circle B Farm and Ranch Supply, LLC