!!! - Closed for June 2015 - Dumpsters Full - !!!

Cleanup weekend is here.  The dumpsters are delivered and the park will be open for dropoffs on Fri-Sun June 5, 6 & 7.  Hours are from 8-4 daily or until we fill the dumpsters.  Please note the following:

  • Please enter and exit from the park entrance on Sunburst.  
  • As stated we will not be able to accept bulk slash.  See below.
  • !!! No hazardous materials... Oil, batteries, electronics, chemicals, paint, ... !!!
  • Please do your best to compact light material so we can get the most possible into the dumpsters.  Chop any yard waste into smaller pieces if possible.
  • We will attemp to assist you with unloading but we cannot guarantee the we will be able.  If not we will try and find someone to assist you.
  • We request that if you are not a paying member that you be prepared to update your HOA membership when you arrive via cash or check.  It is not fair to burden your neighbors with the cost of disposing of your trash.  Even a small amount.  Please contribute.
  • !!!!  The weather does not currently look too bad but there is a chance of rain.  The volunteer on duty will will decide if she/he is comfortable continuing with the event depending on the weather.  Local lighting most definitely means we will shut down and try to ride it out in our cars or the pavilion.
  • Please do not dump if the park is marked as closed for the day.

We are not able to accept bulk loads of slash this year for several reasons.  If we put it in the dumpster, it does not compact well and it fills the dumpsters and we run out of room for all resident to deposit their drop-offs.  

The last few years we have piled slash and chipped it.  This incurs significant additional expense for the chiping.  Due to the coarse nature of the resulting mulch it was not all used and we still have some piles we will have to haul off.  We did use most of it in the garden by the tennis court.

Please check the newsletter for information about where to take bulk slash.

We are considering allowing slash next year and may implement different means of handling it such that those residents making greater use of the activity help share the burden of the cost.

So, check around the yard and bring down anything that has been lying around that is junk and you don't need any longer.  As in past years we will pull aside usable objects with your permission as an informal swap event.  Anything left will be donated or trashed.


See you there!