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The following was sent via email to all registered residents.  IF you did not receive this via email please let me know your email at info @ rrrhoa.org.


Greetings RRRHOA Resident,

As the board continues to track and take action on the activities in the association on Spruce Road that the board considers to be in violation of the association covenants, we have been advised by the county that an agenda item has been placed on the next Board of County Commissioners meeting. This agenda item is referring to a request by the county to have the commissioners consider having the County Attorney pursue litigation against the property owners regarding their reported activities.

The meeting is scheduled for Tues 10/18. The agenda states that although the meeting starts at 9am, this agenda item will not be considered until after 2pm. The meeting is to be held at Centennial Hall Auditorium, 200 S. Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Several board members will be in attendance, but our attorney has advised us that having residents in attendance possibly offering comments can help our position.

Please double check the El Paso County website at the link below for more or updated information as details may change.


David Weber
Treasurer RRRHOA on behalf of the board