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Year End Message:

This has been an interesting year for the board.  We are trying to improve the area and keep it safe. This board has a lot of knowledge of the history of the area and connections to find out what is going on where. 

Please drive carefully... we have kids, pets and lots of wildlife in the area, there are posted 30 and 25 mph speed zones in the Ranch.

There was a strong storm in Spring 2016 that blew the tennis court fence over... who knew bushes could form a sail?  The HOA board has fixed and fortified the fence and it should be good to go for a long time.  Thanks goes out to the board members who volunteered more time to fix the fence and clean-up the tennis courts once cement set.

We had a great turn out for the community clean-up.  This is one service the HOA provides that is greatly appreciated.   Every year we get more residents of the Ranch using this service. Everything gets more expensive over the years and this is no exception.  The board will be considering its options for next year. Look to the newsletter to see what changes are made. Again, thanks go out to the board members who managed the trash drop off organization, implementation and donated a few days of their time to be on the site for the HOA. Our annual dues is $50, and probably one of the best deals around! Please send your dues in January to RRRHOA , PO Box 1463, Monument, CO 80132.

Status of the Residential Rehab facility on Spruce Road: The Board of County Commissioners has continued the stay on prosecution as long as all rehabilitation services are relocated. The Rehabilitation Facility has decided not to expand at this time. We are continuing to monitor this situation and are hoping the covenant changes will bolster the HOA Board position that this is a nuisance business that is not in line with a Single Family Residence. If any residents see something suspicious please report this to the El Paso County Sheriff... either 911 for emergencies or non emergency number:390-5555.   If this is something you want the board to keep track of please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please check the Tri Lakes Fire Department website, www.tlmfire.org , from time to time to check our fire status. We are in a Stage 1 fire alert and dropping cigarettes on the side of the road is not allowed. This is a crime and hazardous for the entire ranch.

The proposed Monument town water tank is in Forest View Acres IV on Lot Number 6, Forest View Way.  This is not in our HOA, but we have thrown our support that this is not appropriate for a residential neighborhood. Forest View HOA has filed a lawsuit against the town of Monument because this is not a residential use and the town of Monument was offered another site.  We will continue to monitor this situation and see how it develops in the future.

This is a great neighborhood we are honored to be your Red Rock Ranch HOA. 

Have a great holiday season and a prosperous new year.