Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

13 November 2006


Presiding: Bill Martin


Present: Bill Martin, Jim Bergeron, Lorrayne Hodge, Phyllis Moore, Fred Lanyon, Frank Chuba, David Weber


Guests: Gil Moore


Meeting was called to order at 1900.


Minutes of the 09 October 2006 meeting were read and accepted as presented.  The report was voted upon unanimously after a motion to accept by Fred Lanyon and seconded by Phyllis Moore.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Martin reported a bank balance of $8790.60.  133 donations have been made so far.   All bills to date have been paid, except the remainder of the bill to High Country Store for landscaping in the Association Park.  The amount owed Woody at High Country Store is $2287.  Bills paid included $105.32 to Fred Lanyon for materials used to construct a safeguard for the Association Park water outlets, $107.73 to Jase Campbell to renew the RRRHOA web site for three years, $10 to the state of Colorado for the annual Association fee,  $1550 for insurance premiums, and $60.20 for water usage at the Park, which is a charge for water only; the previous charges for debt repayment, etc, were dropped.  David Weber made a motion to accept the report, it was seconded by Lorrayne Hodge and voted upon unanimously by the Board.


Architectural Control: No new requests this month.


Old Business: Fred Lanyon completed the routine audit as required on 15 October 2006.  He checked bank statements, income, architectural control fees, donations, and bills paid since the first of this year.  He reported no discrepancies and everything balanced to the penny.

The tennis court was mentioned again, but at a previous meeting, discussion was tabled until next spring.  Jim Bergeron did volunteer to discuss renovation with resident John Novotny who is quite capable with building projects, and determine whether he could possibly refurbish the concrete, or perhaps knows someone who can.


New Business: The landscaping at the Park will be watered this month, as advised by Woody from High Country Store.

A motion was made by Frank Chuba to pay the $2287 owed to High Country Store, it was seconded by Phyllis Moore and passed unanimously by the Board.

Gil Moore advised the Board of the contents of the Forest View Acres Water District meeting held on Friday, 10 November 2006.


The meeting was adjourned at 1929 on a motion by Frank Chuba, seconded by Fred Lanyon and voted upon unanimously.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 11 December 2006 at the Tri-Lakes Fire Station.


Respectfully submitted,




Jim Bergeron, Recorder/Secretary

Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association