Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

09 October 2006


Presiding: Bill Martin


Present: Jim Bergeron, Bill Martin, Phyllis Moore, Fred Lanyon, David Weber, David Bohn


Guests: Ketch Nowacki, Mike Gaines, Jeff Dull


Meeting was called to order at 1900.


Minutes of the 10 July 2006 meeting were read and accepted as presented.   The report was voted upon unanimously after a motion to accept by Fred Lanyon and seconded by Phyllis Moore.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Martin reported a bank balance of $10,196.96.  131 donations have been made so far, for a total of $4785.00.  Architectural control fees total $519.80 to date and interest amounts to $287.91  Miscellaneous income is $31.00  Expenses so far this year total $9720.97 with $8350.00 paid to High Country for landscaping .  The Association also received a water bill for $264.00, which included the monthly fees that all residents pay.  The Board was told by Forest View Acres Water Board President Barbara Reed-Poloty prior to installation of a water line to the Association Park that the only fee would be strictly for water used and no other associated charges.  Treasurer Bill Martin will write a letter to the Water Board in this regard.

Woody Woodruff from High Country Store submitted an additional bill that does not appear to coincide with an earlier agreement for landscaping.  Treasurer Bill Martin has already mailed a letter to Woody asking for an explanation.

Fred Lanyon made a motion to accept the report, it was seconded by Phyllis Moore and voted upon unanimously by the Board.


Architectural Control:  David and Lynda Naumann of 18230 Forest View Road requested permission to erect a split rail fence on their property.  They submitted a check for $25 and a description of the fence.  David Weber made a motion to accept the request, Phyllis Moore seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Keith and Elizabeth Lonnquist requested permission to paint their residence at 18325 Spruce Road which will be a light green with white trim that meets Association standards.  They also submitted a check in the amount of $25.  Fred Lanyon made a motion to approve the request, Phyllis Moore seconded it and it passed unanimously.


Old Business: Fred Lanyon has made an appointment with Treasurer Bill Martin to conduct an audit of the Association financial records on Monday, 16 October 2006.

It was noted that the annual Association picnic scheduled for Saturday, 23 September 2006 was cancelled because of inclement weather.  A sign was posted at the Park for residents who might venture out with thoughts of picnicking in parkas.  President Joline Lee suggested to Board members earlier in the week that perhaps the picnic should be held in August next year when weather conditions are usually more predictable.

Treasurer Bill Martin suggested that the Board should ask for bids from RRRHOA residents to repair the cement and repaint it at the Association tennis court.  Members present felt it was a good suggestion, but agreed to table the idea until next spring.


New Business: There was no new business to discuss.


Guests: Ketch Nowacki and Jeff Dull stated they were present to answer any questions about the water situation on the Ranch.  Mike Gaines said he was present to ask questions and hear about the water problems and proposed solutions.  All three men expected a large turnout of residents for this meeting, and it was thought a representative from the water department of the town of Monument might be present to make a presentation, which did not occur.  An informal discussion of the upcoming vote on a capital improvement bond issue, management company issues, repair and maintenance of present water lines and eventual replacement of those water lines ensued.

Acting President Bill Martin suggested adjourning the meeting and everyone could stay and discuss further any water issues if they so desired. Phyllis Moore made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by Fred Lanyon and approved unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 2010.


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 13 November 2006 at the Tri-Lakes Fire Station.


Respectfully submitted,





Jim Bergeron, Recorder/Secretary

Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association