Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

 11 September 2006


Presiding: Joline Lee


Present: Joline Lee, Jim Bergeron, Lorrayne Hodge, Bill Martin, Phyllis Moore, Fred Lanyon, Frank Chuba, David Weber


Guests: Jeff Dull, Ted Hatz, Gloria Lanyon, Dave Sargent, Don Hodge, Gil Moore, Val Martin, John Novotny, Susan Gates, Chris Monsen, Eckehart Zimmerman, Jerry Marsilo, Reta Thieme, Tom Thieme, Ron Reser, Michele Reser, Richard Crocker, Lisa Johnson, Debbie McCloy


Meeting was called to order at 1900.


Minutes of the 10 July 2006 meeting were read and accepted with one amendment.  The Treasurer’s Report read, “1500 is still owed to High Country Store for landscaping”.  It should have read “$5350 is still owed to High Country Store for landscaping”.  The amended report was voted upon unanimously after a motion to accept by Phyllis Moore and seconded by Lorrayne Hodge.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Martin reported a bank balance of $10,322.87.  126 donations have been made so far, which is close to a record number.  All bills to date have been paid and income to date includes $419.80 from Architectural Control, $264.34 from interest, and $31 miscellaneous. 

Frank Chuba made a motion to accept the report, it was seconded by Phyllis Moore and voted upon unanimously by the Board.


Architectural Control:  Chris Monsen of 18225 Forest View Road requested permission for a detached garage on his property.  It will have siding and a roof matching the existing residence.  He has an El Paso County permit and has paid the required fee.  Plans were submitted for the Board’s perusal and it was unanimously approved after a motion to accept by Frank Chuba and a second by Lorrayne Hodge.

Brian Hendrix of 18620 Pike View Way requested permission to erect a carport , 12 feet by 21 feet, at the rear of his residence which will be shielded from view by numerous scrub oak trees.  After discussion about carports on the Ranch, Mr. Hendix’s next door neighbors said they had no objection and it will not be visible from their house or the road.  After looking at pictures of the carport, it was agreed to let Mr. Hendrix proceed after a motion by Fred Lanyon and a second by Lorrayne Hodge.  The required fee was paid at the time of acceptance.


Old Business: Fred Lanyon said the quarterly audit has not yet been done, but will be accomplished before the next meeting.  He will contact Treasurer Bill Martin to schedule a time to examine the financial records.

The picnic is scheduled for Saturday, 23 September 2006 at the Association Park at 1300.  Plans were made to provide food and soft drinks for all.  Jim Bergeron will provide a grill to cook the meat.

The RRRHOA Newsletter was presented and thanks were extended to new Board Member David Weber for the fine professional job he did creating it.  Individual members contributed articles for the letter, and President Lee thanked all for their efforts.

Jim Bergeron said thanks should be extended to Fred Lanyon for building a security box around the water tap in the Park to prevent vandalism.  Also thanks were offered to John Novotny and Carl Gusler for installing the swing set in the Park and Lowell Duncan for repairing and painting it.


New Business: There was no new business to discuss.  President Lee did say she would like to adjourn the meeting to give guests an opportunity to discuss the water issue on the Ranch.  The meeting was adjourned at 1926 on a motion from Fred Lanyon and a second by Frank Chuba.



The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 1900 on Monday, 09 October 2006 at the Tri-Lakes Fire Station.


Respectfully submitted,





Jim Bergeron, Recorder/Secretary

Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association  


Unofficial Addendum: Immediately following adjournment of the meeting, Water Board members Barbara Reed-Poloty, Eckehart Zimmerman, Rich Crocker and Management consultants Debbie McCloy and Lisa Johnson were present to answer questions from residents.  Rich Crocker gave an overview on the history of the Forest View Acres Water District (FVAWD) and had aerial photos to identify sites about which he talked.  Debbie McCloy, owner of the management company (SDMS) for the Water District, gave a thorough explanation of her company’s involvement and the pending bond issue and mil levy.  FVAWD representatives and Debbie McCloy fielded many questions from residents about the pros and cons of many issues until 2130 when no further questions were forthcoming.  Most people present appeared to be satisfied with the answers that were offered to them for the two and a half hour session.