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May 9, 2022 Red Rock Ranch Home Owners Association Board Monthly Meeting

 Board members present: Bill Griffith, Beth Lonnquist, Doreen McLaughlin, Kevin Guy, Julie Pheteplace, Paul Tillotson, Mark Fears

 Guests: Cindy Goodwin, Julie Yack, Matt Quinlan, Joe Suckow

 Meeting called to order at 7:06pm.

 Architectural Control:
 Board discussed Cindy Goodwin’s site map and request for construction.  Approval granted pending payment.  Joe Suckow’s request for new deck was approved with Julie having the 1st and Bill 2nd.  Board approved.  Doreen’s deck request was also approved with Bill having the 1st and Julie 2nd. Board approved.  Bridges’ request for work on their A frame on Sandstone was approved by the Board pending submission of request form and fee with Kevin having the 1st and Julie 2nd.

In that there wasn’t a quorum of HOA members, the May 9 meeting was a Board meeting, and the minutes were approved by the Board, pending corrections, Bill had the 1st and Julie the 2nd.

Treasurer’s report:
Bill reported the beginning balance was $17,661.32 and that there had been contributions of $4,250.16. This came from member contributions and ACC fees. Also from a very small amount of interest .  YTD, there have been $8,100 in contributions. This represents a 39.6% participation rate among members. $620.30 of the YTD contributions have come from ACC fees. There have been 32 members that have contributed more than the suggested $75.00 yearly dues.  Ending balance is $19,884.98 after $2,2026.50 in expenses.  Cindy Goodwin inquired about asking for donations specifically for cleaning/repairing the tennis courts.

The Treasurer’s report was approved with Kevin having the 1st, Mark 2nd.

Old Business: Kevin and Paul are working on updating the HOA website to current 4.0OS.  This should help with adopting electronic voting through the website.  Kevin and Paul are working on trial ballot to test electronic voting.  It was pointed out that there will still be a need for traditional ballots in that not all members will be able to use electronic voting.  Paul said that he would like to see more people using the website and participating in HOA business/activities.  Kevin suggested we research other HOAs use of electronic voting. It was noted that there has to be a record of ballots being sent via e-mail and that security in the vote has to be ensured.

 Firewise:  HOA contributions to Firewise includes $488.11 in carryover funds and an additional contribution of $600.00 for a total of $1,088.11 for 2022.

 Firewise cont.

 Julie attended a meeting last week and said communications are being handled through Rosalia.  There will chipping on June 11.  Roadway clearing in the lower Ranch is planned. Dates for printed signs Firewise/HOA are needed.  Matt Quinlan inquired about evacuation plans from TriLakes FD.  It was noted that HOA dues are needed paid to participate in chipping days. 

Kevin asked about any possible problems of beetle kill wood being chipped.  Monument has an area to bring beetle kill.

Also noted,  Colorado State Forestry Service can do an assessment of a property for a $75.00 fee.

Park Cleanup: 

Cleanup is scheduled for June 4 & 5.  Dumpsters are scheduled for delivery on Thursday prior to the cleanup days.  Board members signed up for work slots for the cleanup weekend.  It was decided that there wouldn’t be any slash taken until Sunday afternoon if there was some room in the dumpsters at that time.

Insurance: Insurance is paid through November.

 Forest View Acres Water District:

 Nothing to report.

 New Business:

 Board announced the tally for the latest vote.  There were 133 ballots returned.  For first item, 116 yes, 17 no.  Second item, 117 yes, 16 no.  Both measures passed.  The changes now to be filed with El Paso county commissioner.

 Board discussed next vote and wording for amendments.  Need lawyer review.  It was noted that the Covenants are not being rewritten but that amendments are being added as necessary.  To rewrite the Covenants would be extremely time consuming, difficult, and expensive.

 Bill said the HOA safe deposit box is getting very full.  Some records might need to be moved to digital copies.  Julie said she has a thumb drive with the ballot copies.

 Elizabeth asked for comments/discussion for the next ballot.  What might be on the next ballot?

 Discussion focused on wording for what would/would not be allowed in the HOA regarding animals.  How desirable would goats being used for short term fire mitigation was discussed.

Seven day limit and a cost of approximately $2000.00 (property owner paying) was noted.

Also, should dispute resolution language be on the next ballot so as to have that option for future disputes.  Also, it was discussed whether this was the time to work on Covenant  extension.

 Bill, Julie, and Mark volunteered to develop language for the next vote.

 Around the Room:

 Elizabeth asked the guests if they had any questions/concerns.  None at this time.


 Kevin motioned to close, Paul had the 2nd.  Board approved. 

Meeting ended at 8:14pm.