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Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Assoc

Meeting, April 12, 2021

Kevin gave an introduction to the Zoom meeting and that there would be one vote per property and that there would be some polling.

Board members in attendance: Kevin Guy, Julie Pheteplace, Mark Fears, Elizabeth Lonnquist, Skip Chang, Shannon Kittelson, Paul Tillotson, Bill Griffith

29 Lot owners and 13 proxies were present for a quorum.


March Minutes approval was postponed.  

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer’s report had some updates since the newsletter.  Bill reported that he re-registered with the Sec. of State, and annual requirement.  HOA started the month with $25,265.37.  $160 was contributed and there was another $2,450.00 received that hadn’t yet cleared the bank at the time of the meeting.  Umbrella insurance expenses were $319.00 and one ACC fee of $25 and $0.21 of interest income. March ending balance was $25,121.12 including a charge of $1,133.50 for obligated to FireWise. Newsletter costs were $527.11 and the mowing bill was paid at $195.00.  About 20% of members have contributed and $3,835 has been received recently with 15 members contributing more than the suggested yearly dues of $75.00. There were $200 coming in from prior years dues.  There were $125 of architectural fees received.

Skip Chang motioned for acceptance of report and Paul Tillotson seconded.  Board voted to approve.


Budget report:

Bill reported expenses have been stable from one year to the next. With an estimate of 65% of homeowners in dues and that would bring in approximately $10,090 in contributions.  Architectural fees may bring in $1,000.  Interest is negligible. $11,095 is expected to come in to the treasury. 

Expenses are:  Co. Dept. of State are $10.00, DORA fees $33.00, CONO membership workshops is $175.00, Cyber Basement (website support), $60.00. Covenant editing from attorneys estimated at $500.00.  FireWise at $500.00 (funds are already set aside for FireWise.) Umbrella insurance estimated at $4,200.00. Legal fees are anticipated at $1000.00. Miscellaneous park expenses are budgeted at $2,000.00.  $585.00 for mowing. NEPCO dues are $55.00. Newsletter was a little over $500.00.  Picnic budgeted at $200.00.  PO Box has been paid for this year at $114.00.  Additional postage at $50.00.  Cleanup expenses are budgeted at $500.00, primarily for the dumpster. Safety deposit box is already paid at $23.00.  Tri-Lakes Cares is usually given a donation of $200.00 for letting us have meetings in their facilities.  That may not be as large due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions. $100.00 of water expensed for Nevins Park.  Website registration has been $140.00. Anticipated expenses of $10,985.00 will leave about $120.00 after expenses.

            There were also suggestions/questions about park improvements.  Mark was designated as a point person for park improvements.  Jean Kraus asked about a survey concerning park usage.  Bill said that pickle ball was the majority request.  There were no objections the Budget stands.



Julie reported on FireWise efforts towards mitigations and the committees first meetings.  Chipping days are June 12, July 17, August 14, and Sept. 18. Up to twelve homes each day can be serviced and pre-registration is required. She urged owners sign up for free assessment for mitigation. She gave the FireWise address as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Dave Pheteplace gave information about the FireWise program.


NEPCO (Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations):

NEPCO estimates there may be an increase 0f 39 to 49% in new homes in the Tri lakes area.  She also reported on the possible development , Red Rock Acres, and the discussions with the County Planning Commission.


Annual Picnic:  August 28, Saturday afternoon.  All owners are encouraged to participate.


Board Positions and Nominations:

Three Board Member Positions were up for election.  Three HOA members ran unopposed and were elected.

Julie Pheteplace, Shannon Kittelson and Doreen McLaughlin were elected to 4 year term on the Board.


Open Discussion:

Monument Water Tank: Will be placed in Forest View Acres IV, lot 6 in the future.

Covenants: There was a majority of lot owners in favor of extending the covenants in perpetuity.  The Covenants may need further amending to become current with State and Federal Law. A poll showed about 70% of the lot owners present at the meeting are against having chickens in the HOA.

Lawsuit: This will affect how much the Board is able to allocate resources on the park. Complainants stated they will make the lawsuit available to homeowners.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45.