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                                             October 9, 2023 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Minutes
Meeting began at 7:03pm

Board Members:Laura Quinlan, Julie Pheteplace, Beth Lonnquist, Scott Miller, Kevin Guy, Shannon Kittelson,
Bill Griffith, Mark Fears

Julie Yack, Ketch Nowacki, Craig Pryor

Julie motioned for the approval of the September minutes. Bill had the second. Board
There was question about the posting of the April Minutes. In that the April meeting was a
member meeting, the minutes for that meeting will have to be approved at the next member
meeting which will be in April 2024. It was noted that April 2021 minutes need to be posted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bill gave a report of the HOA’s finances. There had been deposits of $690.00 from ACC fees,
$225.00 and $150.00 in contributions. Also $0.25 had been earned in interest. Total deposits
were $1,065.25. $43.00 had been paid out for DORA registration as well as $186.24 for the
Zoom subscription. Bill is in contact with Zoom to see if the fee might be reduced in that the
HOA is a non-profit organization. FireWise has a balance of $928.01. At this time, there have
been $10,425.00 in contributions which includes some pre-pay for 2024. There have 115
contributions which is just over 55.30% of members. That is in line with the Board’s goal for
contributions. There have been $890.00 in ACC fees also. The treasury balance is $29,973
which includes the FireWise balance. Bill reported that upcoming payments will include
insurance costing between $1,500 to $2,000. Mark motioned for approval of the Treasurer’s
report. Kevin had the second. Board approved.

Old Business:
There was discussion of the special election to be held April of 2024. Bill motioned for approval
of the April election. Julie seconded. Board approved.
RRRHOA Standards of Conduct were discussed and if the standards need to be posted before
implementation. Mark motioned for approval. Bill had the second. Board approved. Scott
also wanted clarification of time given for comments from guests at Board meetings.
Standards for guest comments and time for speaking will be implemented on a provisional

October 21 will be the next chipping date. Julie is making lunch. The chipper is being rented
for this date.

Elizabeth wrote an article explaining the need for buildings to be 25 feet from lot lines. Studies
have shown that this helps mitigate fire risk. Fire is less likely to spread with the 25 foot

Chicken Ballot:
83% of members responded to the ballot question. There wasn’t enough votes either for or
against the provision. The Covenant stands as written.

Park Master Plan:
Scott asked about funds to be put in reserve for Park improvements. The Board favored
$20,000 in a reserve in that the Board feels there is a need to be cautious in expenditures due
to insurance costs and litigation. Colorado is pushing for HOA’s to have larger reserve funds.
Kevin offered a view that there should be more emphasis on park improvements as opposed to
a larger reserve fund. Scott is drawing up plans with different amounts of work and
Scott also has obtained bids for liability insurance from two carriers. After discussion, the
Board approved the offer from American Family Insurance. Julie motioned for approval and
Scott had the second. Board approved.

Forest View Acres Water District:
Nothing new in regards to HOA involvement.
In other water news, the City of Monument is expecting to have road work done by late

Education Page:
Elizabeth proposed an article about making sure water supply pipes are properly installed to
prevent freezing and breakage.

There are three emails scheduled to be posted with October minutes.

Response to members:
Scott motioned for approval of a letter in response to Craig Pryor. Shannon seconded. Board

Member comments:
Ketch thanked Bill for sending him a financial condition report. Ketch also asked about future
postings of financials.

There was a question about the timeline for posting of minutes.

It was also noted that Bill has been exceeding requirements for financial reports for the HOA.

Round the Room:
It was noted that the Park looked good.
Kevin gave a briefing about a possible trash service coordinated thru the HOA. It would not be
a required service. Kevin described how other HOA’s have done a service for their members.
There would be a requirement to pay the suggested donation to be eligible for the service, however, it wouldn’t be
required to sign up for the service.
Shannon said there was an upcoming ACC request but she hadn’t received the paperwork yet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm.