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RRRHOA Montyly Board Meeting                                                          January 8, 2024

 Meeting Location: Zoom meeting.  Meeting was called to order by President Lonnquist at 7:02pm

Board members in attendance: President Lonnquist, Director Pheteplace, Director Quinlan, Director Kittleson, Treasurer Griffith, Director Guy and Vice President Miller.

Resident guests in Attendance: Mr. Nowacki, Mr. Dermody and Mr. Pryor.

Architectural Control:  Mr. Demody requests architectural approval for a circular driveway and landscaping. He reviewed his proposal with the county and he meets all of the requirements. Director Kittleson made a motion to approve the request pending receipt of $25.  Director Griffith made 2nd and the request was approved unanimously, pending receipt of $25.

Approval of the minutes:  Vice President Miller made a motion to approve the December meeting minutes, Treasurer Griffith made the second.  The December meeting minutes were approved unanimously and will be posted to the RRR HOA website.                        

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Griffith presented the monthly Treasurers Report.  Beginning balance was $27,486.68.  Additions were 23 cents bank interest and $50.00 in ACC fees.   Expenditures were $0.  Ending balance is $27,536.91. Included in the ending balance is $399.01 carried over for FireWise. Director Pheteplace made a motion to approve the January Treasurers report and Director Kittleson made the second. The January Treasurers Report was unanimously approved.  Treasurer Griffith presented a budget vs. actual report for 2023.  $3600 that was in the 2023 budget was not spent due to no legal fees, picnic cancelled due to inclement weather, ranch clean up was postponed to 2024. The HOA received $1995.00 more than anticipated for Member dues.  Director Guy made a motion to approve the budget vs. actual report and Vice President Miller made the second.  The budget vs. actual report was unanimously approved. Treasurer Griffith presented the proposed budget for 2024. Estimated income of $8700 from member dues and $1000 from Acc fees.  Estimated expenses of $9700.  Director Kittleson made a motion to approve the proposed budget for 2024 and Director Guy made the second.  The 2024 proposed budget was unanimously approved by the Board.  The budget will be presented to the members at the member meeting in April for their approval.

Old Business:  

Thanks to Director Pheteplace and President Lonnquist for putting up holiday decorations at the park. 

Thanks to Dave Pheteplace for fixing the fence at the entrance to the park.

Web Site:  Post safety announcement, Welcome 2024 note, NDA process.

There was discussion whether or not to post emails sent to the board from members.  The discussion centered on a liability issue and the Board concluded the risk was not worth it.  Therefore, Vice President Miller made a motion to not post the emails and Director Kittleson made the second.  The Board voted unanimously to not post the emails.

Vice President Miller made a motion to post an article about Carbon Monoxide and Treasurer Griffith made the second.  Posting this article on the website was unanimously approved.

There was discussion on how long to leave articles on the website.  Director Quinlan made a motion to delete articles after one year and Treasurer Griffith made the second.  It was unanimously approved.

Firewise:  FireWise is certified for 2023-2024

 Liability Insurance: New insurance is in place, should receive refund for previous policy.

 Forest View Acres Water District:  Next meeting January 24

New Developments:  Red Rock Acres; looking for inclusion in the water district in January.


NEW Business:

Vice President Miller stated Mr. Nowacki raised a concern about a former Board member’s personal reason for resigning from the Board and another Board member’s comments related to those personal views.  Furthermore, he went to suggest she “…should explain her concern at the Jan 8 meeting and provide us with an example of what she considers to be harassment and behaviors that cause anxiety and fear.”  What better example of harassment is there than Mr. Nowacki’s own words above.  It is not the responsibility of any Board member to clarify or justify their personal reasons for resigning.  The words speak for themselves.  These personal views are unrelated to the business of the Board and do not impact any business of the Board.   Therefore, the Board considers this issue is closed.  “Per your request Mr. Nowacki this concern is not valid; you can close out your inquiry.

President Lonnquist asked for articles for the annual newsletter be submitted by February.  Vice President Miller will submit an article on FireWise for the newsletter.  Treasurer Griffith will submit an article on Finance for the newsletter.

Homeowner correspondence to the Board:

Mr. Pryor:  Vice President Miller stated that Mr. Pryor’s reference to Colorado Revised Statute 38-33.3-308 is the wrong statute for being informed about Board meetings.  Therefore, his request is not valid as he did not cite the correct statute.  The Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act as of August 9, 2022, with a few exceptions, is the appropriate statute for this Board.

 Mr. Nowacki:  Mr. Nowacki feels he has not received adequate financial information. 

There was discussion about what the Board has already supplied to Mr. Nowacki.  Mr. Nowacki interrupted the speaker several times and was asked to stop.  He continued to interrupt and made several disrespectful comments to the Board.  Director Kittleson asked if his comments were Bullying.  President Lonnquist asked Mr. Nowacki to leave the meeting as he was being disruptive.  He refused.  The Zoom administrator removed Mr. Nowacki from the zoom call and the meeting continued.


Resident concerns:

Mr. Pryor inquired about repairs that were slated to be done “immediately” don’t seem to be done yet.

Mr. Pryor asked to see the minutes from a Special meeting on July 3.

President Lonnquist replied that the repairs will be done as soon as possible and the July 3 minutes will be posted to website.


Round the room:  Vice President Miller will provide an update to the park master plan at the February meeting.  Thank you to Mrs. Yack for sending information regarding an email management system.  There is concern about third party access to homeowners’ emails. 

Director Quinlan would like to go back to in person meetings.  There was discussion about this and no conclusion was made.

Director Guy inquired about reaching out to trash services for information on group rate.  President Lonnquist and Director Pheteplace will follow.


Next Meeting: February 12, 2024


2024 dates:    January 8                      February 12                              March 11                       April 15 or 16

                        May13                           June 8 meeting & picnic              July 8                           August 12

                        September 9                 October 14                                November 11                 December 9


Large garbage day June 15. 

Treasurer Griffith made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Director Quinlan made the second.  The Board unanimously approved adjournment.  President Lonnquist adjourned the meeting at 8:24 pm.