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June 12, 2023 Red Rock Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Meeting

The meeting began at 7:03pm.

Board Members:

Elizabeth Lonnquist, Rosalia McKean, Julie Pheteplace, Bill Griffith, Laura Quinlan, Scott Miller, Kevin Guy, Mark Fears


Craig Pryor, Jason Krause, Lana Lawson, Ketch Nowicki, Matt Quinlan


Jason and Lana had a request for a fence to keep their cats in and also protect them.  Rosalia inquired about the height and whether it would impact wild animals.  The fence will be approximately six feet high.

Kevin motioned for approval. Bill had the second. Board approved.

Kevin displayed HOA fence policies to help clarify height requirements.


May Minutes: 

Corrections noted by other Board members were applied and Julie motioned for approval. Rosalia had the second.  Board approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bill reported that $2,115.00 in contributions and ACC fees had come in to the HOA.  $440.00 of that amount was contributed since the first of June.  There was a payout of $1,686.00 for insurance ($2,038 for the year). In addition, the Board paid $123.01 for the FireWise banner (which is reusable).

At the end of May, the HOA has $28,318.59 ($9,225.00 in contributions, $100.00 in ACC fees ytd). 49.52% (103) of owners have contributed. 41 have given more than the recommended $75.00.

Bill also reported that there is $531.00 already designated for FireWise and that there is additional funds for FireWise in the budget that haven’t been specifically allocated from the HOA funds at this time.

Mark motioned for approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Laura had the second. Board approved.


Website is working well.  Elizabeth has new articles for the website.  There was discussion about adding information about the mitigation work in Pike National Forest and the issue of hikers and bikers still entering active work zones.  Elizabeth has been working for an extended period of time on getting the work accomplished. 


Julie reported that sixteen owners have signed up for chipping.  Scott reported on the schedule.  TriLakes FD is covering the cost of the chipper.  (In a related note, Bill had reported that owners utilizing FireWise were up to date with their dues.) At the time of this meeting all available time slots have been reserved.  It is possible more time slots could be made available.


Mark and Keith have been mowing the parks.  The tennis court net has been taken down because the cable holding up the net is broken.  It will take approximately $60.00 to get a new cable.  All new fixtures will be approximately $650.00


Next meeting is on June 28.  Nothing to report in regards to RRRHOA.

Red Rock Acres:

No new information

Members’ Picnic:

The Picnic is scheduled for August 26.  Various board members volunteered to bring food items and condiments.  Members are urged to bring a dish to share also.

Road Repair:

Elizabeth has been communicating with the City of Monument about the time frame for repairing Red Rock Ranch Drive.  She was told that repairs would be later in June.

Garbage Collection:

Kevin is planning on having more information in the coming months.

Chicken Ballot:

Laura has been working on making the ballot as concise but also as explanatory as possible.  She and other Board members were concerned about making members aware of the consequences of not voting. She also wants to remind everyone that there has to 51% of members voting one way or the other for passage.

Round the Room:

Julie noted that cement was being delivered and poured for Monument’s new water tank.  There will be a lot of addition large vehicle traffic until the work is finished.

Laura inquired about which governmental body is responsible for the culverts, ditches along the streets.  El Paso County is responsible for road maintenance.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm.