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Road Work SituationDear RRRHOA Members,
On Tuesday the 17th of June 2009, John Novotny and I met with Jim White and John Clack to discuss the conditions of road maintenance, storm water drainage, chip and seal projects, and full road paving throughout the Ranch. While several things were identified as needing some level of maintenance and repair, the future of paving projects and chip and seal projects look bleak. They spoke about a co-op of neighborhood paving projects that you can read about below in the email sent to me following our meeting.
Craig Ketels
RRRHOA President

Register for notificationsNotifications by e-mail are now sent only to those who are registered through this web site. The HOA no longer maintains a separate e-mail database. It is the recipient's responsibility to keep a valid e-mail address registered through the site as we receive no notification of invalid e-mail addresses. You can log in and change your user name, password or e-mail address at any time.

Neighboorhood Watch!Break-ins occurred on the Ranch as recently as March 2009. Please always be aware of suspicious activity and notify the HOA through this website so word can be distributed to those who have registered for e-mail alerts.Attention RRR homeowners and neighboring communities!!! 

Please also note these non-emergency numbers for local law enforcement in the event of suspicious activity:

Monument Police 481-3253

Palmer Lake Police 481-2934

El Paso County Sheriff 520-7100


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