Due to resident interest, the location of the March 14th meeting has been moved to the Tri-Lakes Fire Station 1 Community room at 18650 W. Highway 105.  This is on the north side of Hwy 105 just on the west side of the railroad tracks.  Enter to the right of the fire vehicle exit and park in the lot or on the dirt.  Enter on the East side of the building.  This room will hold considerable more than the Tri-Lakes cares room but still may require some standing room only if attendance is significant.

We have had to close down the clean-up activities for this weekend due to the dumpsters being full.  The company is not open on the weekend but we have left a messsage inquiring about the possibility of getting an additional dumpster for tomorrow.  If we can do so we will post the availability here, but please assume that we cannot get another for this weekend.

We apologize for the early closure but hope that you understand that we try to balance the need for capacity against the risk of wasting money on unused extra dumpsters.

We respectfully requst that you resist the urge to overload the existing dumpsters or dump trash on the ground.  Either will cause significant additional expense to the Association.  We have already had one incident of before hours illegal dumping that cause quite a bit of our capacity to be lost and significant difficulty in getting the rest of the abused dumpster filled.


RRRHOA Board of Directors.

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