Help spread Christmas Cheer this year in the RRR Community. 
Many neighbors will need to remain isolated at home this year. 
Together let's decorate the small park north of the Tennis Courts. It'll look great driving into the neighborhood and can become a place to visit in the evening.
Bring your non valuable, non sentimental outdoor decorations any time during the first week of December. 
Secure the items in a way to keep them in place during snow and wind. 
There is no power at the site, so any lighting will need to be solar powered. Remove items the first week after New Years.
Together we can brighten the holiday season for all our neighbors! Join the effort


For any questions contact Julie Pheteplace at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Summertime in 2020, August Picnic cancelled.

What a summer this is turning out to be!  With concerns for large gatherings the Board has cancelled our annual picnic.  Next year will be better, right?

We filled a dumpster with our Clean -up days, apologize about the slow start on Friday.

Contributions are still due, the Board recommends $75/ year.  We are just above 50% contributions. You can mail your payment to


PO Box 1463 

Monument, CO 80132.


Firewise is doing another wonderful job this year as we continue to evaluate homes and reduce fuels.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to help or need help. It is amazing how much better pine trees do when they are not crowded next to each other and how scrub oak can become trees.  The Firewise committee has provided a fantastic sample in our park, cleaning out that section of brambled scrub oak.

The Board is meeting on Zoom and still conducting HOA business.  If you have concerns you would like to express to the Board, please use the “contact the President” tab on this web site.  I will capture that information and share it with the Board at our next meeting.

I hope everyone is surviving all the changes we have to navigate in recent months. Remember distance visit and check on neighbors and friends.  Stay in touch and stay safe.  Tomorrow is always another day!

Beth Lonnquist

RRRHOA President

The dumpster is now FULL so we can no longer accept any additional items.  

Thank you for your cooperation. 


We have been “stay at home” for a while now and have probably done a little Spring cleaning.  The HOA is sponsoring one dumpster this year available for larger items.  Once the dumpster is full we will close the event. PLEASE DO NOT DUMP WHEN SITE IS CLOSED OR UNATTENDED. We will post on the website when the dumpster is full.

June 5 (Friday), June 6 (Saturday) from 9-4.  Dues of $75 will need to be paid to access this amenity.  No slash or yard debris.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for branches and chipping dates, slash and pine needles will have to be picked up by your local trash provider.

We are having issues with illegal off hours dumping.  If this continues we may to cease with the event as we cannot control the items in the dumpsters and the waste companies may stop providing dumpsters.  PLEASE DO NOT DUMP WHEN SITE IS CLOSED OR UNATTENDED.  IF no-one is there the site is closed.  This is also indicated by the yellow no trespassing tape around the site.

We ask you to follow these rules.

  • We cannot accept anything of a hazmat or restricted nature.  No electronics/gas/oil/paints/…  This includes that oil and gas must be drained from lawn-mowers and other power tools. 
  • Enter the event from the HOA drive on Sunburst.  The property to the south of the tennis court is private property and we must respect the owners.
  • If the event is closed DO NOT ENTER.   Contact a board member to see if any off hours  dumping can be accommodated.
  • We must close the dumpster for additional items when it reaches the top due to provider rules.  Help us out on this by compressing, breaking down and cutting up odd shaped items.
  • Check the website for live updates regarding closures or postponements due to weather or other reasons.
  • Event volunteers may help with light unloading but may not be able to assist with heavier items... bring a strong friend.

Please do not arrive early.  There is plenty of time to handle everyone.  Even if we are there early we are preparin