A member of the HOA has contacted the El Paso County Planning and Community Development Department about the pending Red Rock Acres Development.  We do not have a date for rezoning, they are thinking July or August (or later). The  next step will be a meeting with the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

If you are a neighboring property, please notify the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can inform the entire area of the pending meeting.


The Community Dumpster has been postponed/cancelled due to unexpected financial expenses from the pending lawsuit.   


The Board of Directors for the Association would like to make all members aware that a lawsuit has been filed challenging the validity of the Association’s Covenants among other items. The Association is dedicated in defending the Covenant.

If the lawsuit is successful, the result could be:
1) The recorded Covenants would be terminated and unenforceable,
2) Chickens, pigs, horses, goats and any hobby farm animals would not be excluded in the neighborhood,
3) The Red Rock Ranch HOA would effectively be defunded

The Association is dedicated to protecting your property investment and your way of life. The Covenants help to protect your property value and have been in place for over 60 years. In 2016, the Association, with the help and guidance of legal counsel proposed an Amendment to the Covenants to extend the duration of the covenants until 2030. This Amendment was approved by a majority of the Association membership in 2017. The Plaintiffs are trying to circumvent the will of the majority of the Association by filing this lawsuit. If the Plaintiffs prevail, the Covenants will no longer be in effect, and there will be nothing in place to ensure the neighborhood remains a cohesive community. The Covenants are the foundational piece of our governing documents, and the provisions of the Covenants are the agreements that each property owner agreed to comply with when they bought property within the Association’s area of authority.

The Board has continued to work in good faith with the Plaintiffs to try and resolve this issue amicably and outside the court system. However, at this point the Plaintiffs have neither agreed to mediation nor to drop their lawsuit that could nullify the existing Covenants. A very disappointing result of responding to this lawsuit will be the drain of the donated funds collected by the RRRHOA that were destined to support neighborhood amenities such as park improvements (the tennis court and playground), common area maintenance, fire wise wildfire mitigation, Fire Department, and Tri-Lakes Cares. Sadly, our limited resources will now have to go towards legal costs defending the RRRHOA and its members. Unfortunately, it is likely that the legal costs will far exceed the current monies that the RRRHOA has available. To assist the Association Board in dealing with this situation we are seeking help.

What can you do?
1) Volunteer to help distribute information, fliers, notifications and ballots to members (when voting is required) so all members are aware of this legal threat,
2) Please consider making a donation to the RRRHOA. Our current membership donations are low and it would help the Association tremendously if all members could donate now. click here for Donation Form
3) Stay informed!  We will keep further updates about the lawsuit on YOUR website. www.rrrhoa.org 

     How much do you know about the water you use in your house? The tap or faucet is
turned and water almost magically appears. It is such a common part of our lives we don’t
often spend a lot of time thinking about the marvel of clean, abundant water.
In the Ranch, we get our water from Forest View Acres Water District. It is a special
district that was established in 1957.  As a special district, (Read about Special Water Districts.)
FVAWD can charge a 
mill levy on property values and sell bonds for the operation of the district in addition to the
fees charged for supplying water services. The water district is governed by a five member
board that is publicly elected. It serves approximately 300 households. An interesting fact,
only about 5% of water in a water public system is used for drinking and cooking.
Water quality in FVAWD is monitored and regulated by the state of Colorado and water
quality reports from each year is available on the FVAWD website. Water quality is very good
according to state testing.

     This brings up an interesting condition of living in the Ranch and being served by
FVAWD. There aren’t a lot of customers but the water district still needs to meet the same
requirements as a larger supplier of water such as Denver Water. The costs of operating are
spread over a small pool of homes. In 2012, FVAWD undertook much needed repairs and
upgrades to the water system that we all use. Money was borrowed, grants were acquired,
and fees went up some also. Some of the fees we pay are a result of the infrastructure
upgrades that needed attention from 1957 when the water district was formed. Those fees will
be with us for as long as we wash clothes, take showers, and put water in our drinks.
At this time, the FVAWD board estimates it will need up to another $5 million dollars in
the next five years to maintain and upgrade the system we have now. This is an expected cost
without the addition of any new homes in the Ranch area. The board is looking for ways to
come up with the necessary funds without resorting to selling bonds to cover the cost. (The
proposed new development will be required to pay for any addition to the FVAWD
infrastructure as a condition of being added to the system.)

     The board states that there is adequate water supply in the district at this time, even
with addition of more homes. Their concern is with the aging pipes and pumping system and
how to best pay for upkeep and repairs so that we all have the water we have come to expect.
     This author attended the January water board meeting. It is my impression that from a

strictly business stand point, the FVAWD board feels the new development is a financial benefit
and brings with it the addition of more secured water rights for the district as well as more
customers to cover the cost of operations.

Mark Fears