Monday, Jan 24, 2022   7pm
166 2nd Street, Monument
 Election of 3 board positions

If you have sent in a proxy  to the web site and have not received an acknowledgment from the web site, please send a second proxy. 
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     I have lived on Red Rock Ranch since 1975.  I am currently on the Red Rock Ranch HOA Board of Directors (Board) and have served as the Treasurer since late 2017.  I was also on the Board in the early 1990s.  Additionally, I have been active in the Firewise effort on the Ranch and participate on the mitigation/chipping teams nearly every month. 

 I am a graduate of the Air Force Academy and earned an MBA at the University of Northern Colorado.  My wife (Nancy) and I have two children who graduated from Lewis Palmer High School.  I believe the RRR HOA has three main goals.  The first is to promote the safety and welfare of our owners.  Clearly, wildfire mitigation falls into this area.  Second is to support recreational development so residents can safely enjoy our beautiful environment through upgrades at Nivens Park and other opportunities as they arise.  The final goal is to promote and build a sense of community among the residents in our beautiful and unique neighborhood.

 I have enjoyed my tenure on the Board and would like the opportunity to continue to serve the community through the efforts sponsored by the Board as well as ensuring the continued quality of life we all enjoy through the encouragement of neighborhood-enhancing activities and appropriate support for the provisions of our HOA Covenants as written or as amended by the members of the Ranch community. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

     Early in my career I was a licensed realtor. This job required me to write, and/or understand purchase contracts and various Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). In addition, I owned and managed several rental properties for 35 years. I have been a member of different HOAs for 25 years. After real estate I went into aviation which required accurate and understandable documentation. Most recently I retired from a national laboratory as a Certified Fissile Material Handler and a Senior Mechanical Technologist in a nuclear facility. I held a Top-Secret clearance and this was a heavily regulated and procedural field. All of the aforementioned required me to read, write, understand, and implement important documents. I believe that my experience will be a welcome fit for the Board.

     I have been a resident of Red Rock Ranch since 2006 and have served on the RRRHOA Board as President since 2016. 

Living close to the National Forest means we are in a Wildland Urban Interface.  I restarted the dormant Firewise program in 2017 and with the help of many of our neighbors; Red Rock Ranch became a nationally recognized and designated Firewise Community, leading to our receiving numerous grants to help fund our chipping/shredding program.    Our Firewise program has become a national model.  Our Firewise committee, with full support of the current Board, has opened up communication with El Paso County Office of Emergency Preparedness, Tri lakes Fire Department, Palmer Lake Police Department, Monument Police Department and El Paso County Sheriff’s Department with regards to evacuation.

I represent our HOA at other organizations’ meetings that help to support our HOA... NEPCO (Northern El Paso County Organizations), CONO (Council of Neighborhood Organizations), and FOMP (Friends of Monument Preserve).  Why?... This helps ensure our voice is heard and our issues are addressed by the County, State and Federal governments.  

I feel a strong, cohesive Board has and can accomplish so many positive things.
If reelected I will continue to support our Firewise program; continue to work for responsible, compatible development; and protect our covenants that allow us to create a safe, cohesive community.

I and your current Board have worked tirelessly to maintain our community and uphold the HOA Covenants.   I have enjoyed meeting many of you over the past five years.   I am honored to be supported by the Board and community members and I look forward to continuing to improve our neighborhood in the future. 

     Recent events have shown us that the safety of our community must be a top priority.  Our Firewise team has done a great job but could use our help to continue to do more to protect our community.  This must be the top priority of RRRHOA.  My husband and I moved to Tri-Lakes when we became empty nesters and have been residents of RRR since 2017.  I have a Master’s degree in business and have served on multiple professional boards and look forward to bringing that experience to our community.

     I and my wife have lived and raised our children here in Red Rock Ranch since 1989. I am currently serving on the Board of the Red Rock Ranch HOA and I have had two primary responsibilities: 1) I am one of two IT board members who revamped the 10-year old Web site and I continue to provide ongoing IT/Web support, and 2) I was voted by the RRRHOA Board to be the Chairman of the Defense Legal Committee in protecting our Home Owners Association against the most recent lawsuit. I am also on the Board of another Commercial Property Owners Association where I am currently serving as President.
      My background is in Electrical Engineering and I have both a BSEE and an MSEE. I have started four businesses in the local area, all of them still successfully operating today.  One of these companies is a real estate investment firm of which I am a managing partner. I believe my background in business and my direct involvement in two HOAs helps provide me with the experience and knowledge in resolving difficult association problems in a positive way. The current covenants of the RRHOA are very unique in that they strike a good balance in maintaining property value while maximizing the freedom of the property owners. To this end,  I am a firm believer in the member ballot process to change the covenants and do not subscribe to abolishing them so we can create something better.
      I truly enjoy meeting and working with the members of the RRRHOA. The current Board members I work with spend countless volunteer hours serving our community and I am grateful to have worked with them. My personal goal as a Board Member is to help improve the quality of life through park improvements, fire mitigation (through Firewise), and advancing RRRHOA member communications through the Website and internet. I have enjoyed serving this community.  Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Scott Miller
     30 year resident of RRR Former RRRHOA Director and head of the Architectural Committee
Volunteer for the Firewise Program. 

1) To vote to for 3 Directors to the RRRHOA Board
The in-person meeting will be held at the Tri Lakes Chamber of Commerce, 166 2nd Street, Monument, CO.
More Details will be posted. The following people are running for a Director Position are:
Bill Griffith, Kevin Guy, Beth Lonnquist, Craig Pryor and Juliet Yack