Happy New Year, 2020!


Time flies so fast and we are starting a new year.

The Board has great vision for repairs and future developments in the HOA, FireWise will continue, and hopefully everyone will enjoy living in this neighborhood!


New Year to do list:

1. Don’t forget to pay your dues with the new year.  $75, and mail that to PO Box 1463, Monument, CO 80132.

2. Contact FireWise for a site evaluation.  We have a certified wildfire mitigation specialist who is willing to come and give you specific things to do to help you harden your home. This is great because there is a short list of tasks you can tackle on your schedule.  If everyone pitches in we may be able to save the neighborhood.   

3. Don’t forget to notify your insurance company and tell them we are a FireWise community, it may lead to a discount.

4. Come to the member meeting on Monday, April 13, 2020.  Place to be determined. I will notify you in the newsletter.

5. Please drive carefully... roads get icy in the winter.  We have kids, pets and lots of wildlife in the area to watch out for, there are posted 30 and 25 mph speed zones in the Ranch.


This is a great neighborhood we are honored to be your Red Rock Ranch HOA Board. 

Have a great holiday season and a prosperous new year.


Beth Lonnquist

Red Rock Ranch Water: Forest View Acres will shut off water Dec 11 and has a boil advisory for Dec 11-13, or when the all clear notice comes out. They are creating more water access for new homes on the Ranch.

Here is their notice:
NOTICE: Temporary Water Shutoff December 11 at 9AM for all properties within the District to the EAST OF SPRUCE ROAD. To get more details please click the Water Shut-Off Notice. To see a map of the affected area please click the Water Shut-Off Map. Affected properties are in blue. Please also see the Drinking Water Advisory.

The areas in blue are Spruce Rd (both sides), Stone View and Forest View Rd north of Sandstone Dr. and the entire lower ranch (El Rancho, Sierra Vista, Mesa Verde, Range View and Vista View)

Please remember:

Your ice maker (Bag up ice Dec. 10... shut off your ice maker or throw out ice thru the 13th. or when the all clear notice comes out.)

Brushing your teeth with saved Dec. 10th water or boiled water.

You can go to Forest View Acres Water district website for more information:  www.colorado.gov/fvawd.



Picnic:  We had a great turn out at our picnic this year, over 50 people!  Tri Lakes Fire Department Battalion Chief Jamie Bumgarner was our presenter.  He talked about the importance of signing up for Reverse 911 calls, having a go bag ready, and knowing all the exits from Red Rock Ranch in any directions.   “Ready, Set, Go” was discussed. 

  • Be Ready: Create and maintain defensible space and harden your home against flying embers.
  • Get Set: Prepare your family and home ahead of time for the possibility of having to evacuate.
  • Be Ready to GO!: Take the evacuation steps necessary to give your family and home the best chance of surviving a wildfire.

 Board: We have a full Board of Directors, thank you goes out to those who are volunteering and those who have volunteered in the past.  What makes this a great place to live in? Great neighbors.

 FireWise is going strong with the last date was October 12.  This is a “neighbor helping neighbor” project created to help reduce fire fuels in our neighborhood.   If you want to help this year or next, please email the board and we will get you to the right person!

Bears/Deer: This has been quite the bear year by the photos posed on Next Door.  I do not remember ever having so many bear in the area all summer long. Please put away any source of food at night... humming bird feeders, bird seed, garbage cans, etc.  Bears will be looking to store up for the winter before they hibernate.  (PS. deer do not digest bird seed, it can be toxic for them)  There are bears in some parts of the US that do not hibernate due to access to food from humans... We can make a difference.

Chickens:  We have some HOA members interested in having Chickens.  By their own admission they did not realize they could not have chickens they are not allowed.  There is a process to amend the covenants, which starts with a petition.  There will be a couple of people going around asking for signatures.   If you are interested in signing that petition for Chickens, then you can also contact the board.
If you have any comments you would like to add about chickens, please contact the board.

Hunker down and stay warm!
Beth Lonnquist
RRRHOA President

Hot Fun in the Summertime! 

August Picnic is August 17 from 12-2.  The HOA will provide the main dish and everyone can bring a Pot Luck Dish.  We will be discussing Firewise and other issues in the HOA.

We have lots of plans this summer starting to repair the Tennis court and Firewise! 
Firewise: Red Rock Ranch HOA is one of the 7 neighborhoods selected in the United States to participate in the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) pilot program for Fire mitigation.  We are in the lead as to how to contact neighbors, make them aware of their responsibilities in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). We have selected the south west side as our starting area.  This area has been selected with the help of the Tri Lakes Fire Department Fire Marshal and Colorado State Forest Service. This has allowed us to receive more grant funding to help this HOA have these Firewise chipping days.

Firewise chipping days coming are July 27, August 24, September 21 and October 12. Please contact the Firewise committee to sign up for chipping or volunteering.  The committee meets once a month.  These are your neighbors helping neighbors to reduce fire fuels in the area for everyone!  What a great way to meet neighbors!