The dumpster is now FULL so we can no longer accept any additional items.  

Thank you for your cooperation. 


We have been “stay at home” for a while now and have probably done a little Spring cleaning.  The HOA is sponsoring one dumpster this year available for larger items.  Once the dumpster is full we will close the event. PLEASE DO NOT DUMP WHEN SITE IS CLOSED OR UNATTENDED. We will post on the website when the dumpster is full.

June 5 (Friday), June 6 (Saturday) from 9-4.  Dues of $75 will need to be paid to access this amenity.  No slash or yard debris.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for branches and chipping dates, slash and pine needles will have to be picked up by your local trash provider.

We are having issues with illegal off hours dumping.  If this continues we may to cease with the event as we cannot control the items in the dumpsters and the waste companies may stop providing dumpsters.  PLEASE DO NOT DUMP WHEN SITE IS CLOSED OR UNATTENDED.  IF no-one is there the site is closed.  This is also indicated by the yellow no trespassing tape around the site.

We ask you to follow these rules.

  • We cannot accept anything of a hazmat or restricted nature.  No electronics/gas/oil/paints/…  This includes that oil and gas must be drained from lawn-mowers and other power tools. 
  • Enter the event from the HOA drive on Sunburst.  The property to the south of the tennis court is private property and we must respect the owners.
  • If the event is closed DO NOT ENTER.   Contact a board member to see if any off hours  dumping can be accommodated.
  • We must close the dumpster for additional items when it reaches the top due to provider rules.  Help us out on this by compressing, breaking down and cutting up odd shaped items.
  • Check the website for live updates regarding closures or postponements due to weather or other reasons.
  • Event volunteers may help with light unloading but may not be able to assist with heavier items... bring a strong friend.

Please do not arrive early.  There is plenty of time to handle everyone.  Even if we are there early we are preparin

The world has changed!

The Board decided to cancel the April 13 Member Meeting at the Woodmoor Barn due to COVID-19 Concerns.
The HOA Board will meet online on April 13.  If there are any issues you would like to bring to our attention, please contact the president under the Board of Directors tab.  We will do our best to discuss the issue you have.

I hope everyone is doing their best to shelter in place.  It has been a few weeks and will probably continue in the near future.  Keep distancing yourselves and do the best you can to help neighbors in need.

Helping neighbors: A couple of board members are sewing masks.
If you are in need of a mask, there are a few people sewing home versions and are willing to make some for you. These are not Medical grade, but are helpful for running errands or going to the grocery store.  Anyone who wants to make masks for neighbors is welcome to do so. You can contact the HOA President under the board of Directors tab.   Julia will drop them off! It may take us awhile, but we will do our best to help.

 Stay safe,
Beth Lonnquist



Spring is coming! Your HOA Board decided to cancel the April 13 Member meeting due to COVID-19 concerns.   We will meet August 15 at the annual picnic.  Check the website for the latest information!   Thank goodness for great neighbors that are sharing supplies, making deliveries and staying home. 

We have mailed the newsletter.  I hope everyone saw the sticker on the envelope about the cancelled meeting.  The newsletter is also posted on our website under the Information tab: Newsletters, then  March 2020. (or CLICK RIGHT HERE) 

We hope you will mail your HOA Contribution.   The HOA Board recommends $75.  The HOA Board has  plans for the area with continuing Firewise programs and new xeriscaping at our park, and we appreciate your contribution to the neighborhood.    

Your Firewise Committee has been busy!  You can find the latest Firewise updates and contact tab on our website’s Firewise Tab.  One of our neighbors has trained and is certified by the NFPA as a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist.  He can do home assessments and is generously offering his expertise to our neighborhood!  This will give you a punch list to better protect your home.

Hunker down, stay safe, be patient and we will get past this COVID-19.

Beth Lonnquist