There have been questions about the current Covenant Vote to remove the Single Family Definition. The Board is asking you to vote to remove this from our covenants by legal advice from multiple lawyers.  Definitions of terms have changed over the past 10 years. 

The Single Family aspect of one dwelling per lot, and all such dwellings will be for single families will remain in the Covenants.
The Covenants state:" 9) Dwellings shall be detached, single-family homes," So a version of a single family will still remain in the Covenants.

Boarding homes and hotels and multifamily homes:  The El Paso County Land Development Code prohibits hotels and boarding homes and Multifamily from being located in a Rural Residential 1/2 acre zone designation. 

Vacation Homes and B&B's: Our covenants mitigate the problems of B&Bs and short term rentals as such: El Paso County Land Development Code state these are acceptable uses of residential lots, however, our Covenants will still maintain the 6-month minimum rental which mitigates the problems caused by B&B's and short-term vacation rentals without discrimination.

Per current law, single families can not be described in a traditional manner.  The HOA can not dictate what consists of a “family,” and the HOA can not regulate against a group home for the handicapped.... but El Paso County can define how many people may reside in such a home. 

The El Paso County Land Development Code definitions includes the following: 
                 Dwelling, Single-Family -- A structure containing one dwelling unit designed for or used exclusively as a residence by one family. and 
                 Family -- An individual, or 2 or more persons related by blood, marriage, adoption, or as guardian and ward, or a group of not more than 5 persons, excluding servants, who are not so related, living together in a dwelling                       unit. A family shall not include more than one person required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Section 18–3–412.5,  C.R.S., as amended, unless related by blood, marriage or adoption, or in foster care.

If you have more questions, please contact the Board of Directors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Board would like to thank everyone who participated in the Special Meeting to elect three Board members.  Thank everyone who collected proxies, those who attended and those who ran for a position, including Scott Miller, Craig Pryor and Juliet Yack.   Almost 50% of the HOA lot owners  were represented in proxies and in person.  Our next all-member meeting will be April 11 at the Monument Chamber of Commerce community room , at 7 pm.  The address is 166 2nd St in Monument.


 The RRRHOA board has announced that we have a settlement agreement with the latest lawsuit and it has been resolved amicably between the parties. The Settlement Agreement is under a confidentiality agreement between the plaintiffs and the RRRHOA. Any member of the RRRHOA can review the Settlement Agreement, however, they will need agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA checkbox). Once we have received your executed NDA, we will email you a copy of the Settlement Agreement for your review. 

Request Settlement 
Agreement steps
1) Submit a request to review the Settlement Agreement by CLICKING HERE to request latest RRRHOA Settlement Agreement
2) Once you have submitted your executed NDA request to the RRRHOA Board, you should receive a PDF of the Settlement Agreement by email within 5-15 days. 

RRRHOA board


Winners of the 2022 Board Member Elections are 
Beth Lonnquist, Kevin Guy, and Bill Griffith