The RRRHOA board has announced that we have a settlement agreement with the latest lawsuit and it has been resolved amicably between the parties. The Settlement Agreement is under a confidentiality agreement between the plaintiffs and the RRRHOA. Any member of the RRRHOA can review the Settlement Agreement, however, they will need agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA checkbox). Once we have received your executed NDA, we will email you a copy of the Settlement Agreement for your review. 

Request Settlement 
Agreement steps
1) Submit a request to review the Settlement Agreement by CLICKING HERE to request latest RRRHOA Settlement Agreement
2) Once you have submitted your executed NDA request to the RRRHOA Board, you should receive a PDF of the Settlement Agreement by email within 5-15 days. 

RRRHOA board


Winners of the 2022 Board Member Elections are 
Beth Lonnquist, Kevin Guy, and Bill Griffith




 Monday, Jan 24, 2022   7pm
166 2nd Street, Monument
 Election of 3 board positions

If you have sent in a proxy  to the web site and have not received an acknowledgment from the web site, please send a second proxy. 
Your acknowledgement should come within 2 days.