Hot Fun in the Summertime! 

August Picnic is August 17 from 12-2.  The HOA will provide the main dish and everyone can bring a Pot Luck Dish.  We will be discussing Firewise and other issues in the HOA.

We have lots of plans this summer starting to repair the Tennis court and Firewise! 
Firewise: Red Rock Ranch HOA is one of the 7 neighborhoods selected in the United States to participate in the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) pilot program for Fire mitigation.  We are in the lead as to how to contact neighbors, make them aware of their responsibilities in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). We have selected the south west side as our starting area.  This area has been selected with the help of the Tri Lakes Fire Department Fire Marshal and Colorado State Forest Service. This has allowed us to receive more grant funding to help this HOA have these Firewise chipping days.

Firewise chipping days coming are July 27, August 24, September 21 and October 12. Please contact the Firewise committee to sign up for chipping or volunteering.  The committee meets once a month.  These are your neighbors helping neighbors to reduce fire fuels in the area for everyone!  What a great way to meet neighbors! 

2019 Spring Clean-up!

June 7 (Friday), June 8(Saturday) from 9-4, & June 9(Sunday) from 10AM to 1PM, we will have dumpsters available for larger items.  Dues of $75 will need to be paid to access this amenity.  No slash or yard debris.  Please contact RRR Firewise for branches and chipping dates, slash will have to be picked up by your local trash provider.

We are having issues with illegal off hours dumping.  If this continues we may to to cease with the event as we cannot control the items in the dumpsters and the waste companies may stop providing dumpsters.  PLEASE DO NOT DUMP WHEN SITE IS CLOSED OR UNATTENDED.  IF no-one is there the site is closed.  This is also indicated by the yellow no trespassing tape around the site.

We ask you to follow these rules.

  • We cannot accept anything of a hazmat or restricted nature.  No electronics/gas/oil/paints/…  This includes that oil and gas must be drained from lawn-mowers and other power tools. 
  • Enter and exit the event from the HOA drive on Sunburst.  The property to the south of the tennis court is private property and we must respect the owners.
  • If the event is closed DO NOT ENTER.   Contact a board member to see if any off hours  dumping can be accommodated.
  • We must close the dumpster for additional items when it reaches the top due to provider rules.  Help us out on this by compressing, breaking down and cutting up odd shaped items.
  • Check the website for live updates regarding closures or postponements due to weather or other reasons.
  • Event volunteers can help with light unloading but may not be able to assist with heavier items.
  • Please do not arrive early.  There is plenty of time to handle everyone.  Even if we are there early we are preparing for the day and cannot take you in.
  • Please help us reduce expenses by cutting or collapsing large items to a smaller pile.

Your Community Needs You

There are 2 opportunities for you to get involved in your community.  RRRHOA has a Board positions available.  Please email the Board President through this web site. Go to the Board of Directors tab, scroll down to Contact Board President.

Forest View Acres has a board position available. If interested more info is on the FVAWD website:

Spring is here followed by summer.  I love seeing all the new deer, ducks and geese returning, humming birds in the air... yep, gotta love Spring.   Then there is spring cleaning.... June 7 & 8 the dumpsters will help you with that.  Pay your dues of $75 to dump some of the “old treasures” you may have around your home.

Sign up for FireWise to help clean up and reduce the fuels in your property.

This is a Wildlife Urban Interface and with that comes a responsibility to reduce fuels for fire season... really all year round, but especially in May - August.  We have a wonderful FireWise Committee that had volunteers deliver a packet to each ouse in the HOA.  Great Information.   FireWise Committee is offering to help with chipping... this will save you big dollars and help to protect the neighborhood.  We have certified, trained volunteers (many hours) for home risk assessments to give you an idea as to where to start.  Please contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Dues must be paid.

Please, do not feed the deer as we have quite a few already... once there are too many, deer become sick and diseased.   Bird seed and other human food is the wrong food for wild animals.  Bring in your humming bird feeders at night... bears will help themselves at night to the sweet treat.  

Drive carefully on the ranch.  There are kids, dogs, wildlife we are sharing this beautiful landscape with and we need to drive slowly in order to take it all in and not hit anyone... furry or otherwise.

This is truly a great place to live and I am honored to be on your RRRHOA board.

Stay safe, Beth Lonnquist

What a storm! And what great neighbors!  I read a few stories of neighbors helping neighbors clear their driveways and helping clean up from those 95+mph winds with snow thrown in.  There were times it looked like the snow was blowing straight up!  Hope everyone survived ok.

We have our annual member meeting on Monday, April 8.  We will hold it at the Monument Library at 7:30pm.  We will have a FireWise presentation.  What a great committee we have leading us through fuel reductions in our area.  A big thanks goes to Dave Betzler for heading this committee and being committed to this neighborhood and this cause for our homes.  There is so much information for everyone to consider on this subject.  Come and get information, sign up for chipping and learn how to harden your home. 

Hope to see you there!



Member Meeting 

Come and meet your board and learn about FireWise in Red Rock Ranch
Monday, April 8, 2019. 7:30 pm. 1706 Lake Woodmoor Dr.